Selasa, 16 November 2010


Camping Backpacks, Packs, & Bags for the Outdoors

Backpacks, Packs, & BagsWhether you are going for a small day hike around the park or several nights backpacking in the remote backcountry you will need the right backpack to carry your things on the journey. The selection of camping backpacks can be a little confusing when you first look at the selection available to you. For most people a simple daypack will fit there needs perfectly while for others it is not sufficient for what all they need to carry for their trip.

When shopping for a backpack you need to consider what you will be using it for to find the one that suits you best. Generally a fanny pack, daypack, or a small hydration pack is plenty for a day trip. These will usually hold the essentials such as a snack, jacket, water, compass, camera, and other camping tools. Hydration packs have become very popular with hikers and bikers alike since the handy water delivery system keeps water available to you in a convenient easy to drink from tube.

If your treks will be longer one day you will need a larger backpack to carry enough items for an overnight stay such as a sleeping bag, camping tents, food, and clothes. These larger packs come with either internal or external frames to support the weight on your back and hips comfortably. A well-designed pack can make it easy to carry a large amount of weight with no discomfort even over long distances.